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Conversations with the Gospel of Luke

Entries of these Conversations are arranged by  chapter and verse.  The newest posts are highlighted blue, with the previous week's additions changed to red highlighting each week.   

I offer these conversations with the hope that the record of my thoughts and prayers will stimulate readers to pursue their own encounters with Luke's Gospel. 

This is not intended to be a scholarly commentary but nevertheless could perhaps be useful to scholars and preachers who are working to engage the text.


Choose the passage and click on it to go to that entry.

Luke 1:5-25, 57-59     Zechariah Waits in Silence

Luke 1:47-66                  Waiting for Christmas

Luke 2:7 & 11-12            Jesus Goes Underground 

Luke 2:21                          Pain on the Eighth Day

Luke 3:1-2                       Who Get's the Message?

Luke 3:15-20                John the Baptist Remains Faithful

Luke 3:21-22                  Jesus Gets Down into the Water

Luke 3:23-38               A Long Line

Luke 4:14-21                   Rejected in Nazareth

Luke 4:31-41                   And Demons Came out of Many

Luke 7:1-10                     The Amazing Centurion

Luke 7:11-13                    His Heart Went out to Her

Luke 7:14:-17                  Don’t Touch Him, He’s Dead!

Luke 7:18-23                 Jesus, Are You Really the One?

Luke 7:36-50              A Loose Woman

Luke 7:40-50            Why Is She So Passionate & I Am Not?

Luke 8:1-3                     Women and Jesus’ Finances
Luke 8:26-39 
            A Really Scary Man

Luke 9:7-9                     Herod has a Headache

Luke 9:10-17                 Too Many People

Luke 9:18-22                Jesus Wants to Know

Luke 9:23-27                Saving Your Life or Losing It

Luke 9:28-36              This is Too Far Out!

Luke 19:1-10                  Zach Takes a Big Leap

Luke 19:11-27                The Absence of God

Luke 19:28-40            Jesus, You Must have Known

Luke 19:4 1- 44             Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem

Luke 20:1-8                  What an Authority

Luke 20:9-19              The Wicked Tenants

Luke 20:27-40           Dead or Alive

Luke 20:45-47            Beware Those Who Want the Best Seats

Luke 21:29-33             What a Claim!

Luke 21:34-38             Jesus, Unafraid in Public

Luke 22:1-6                   The Cowards Act at Night

Luke 22:7-13                 Jesus Plans His Last Supper

Luke 22:14-16               Jesus, Eager to Celebrate

Luke 22:17-20             Those Unforgettable Words

Luke 28:38-40          His Scars and Ours

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