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Luke 7:11-13        His Heart Went out to Her

          Jesus, you seem attracted to people who are hurting.  Here you met up with people carrying a dead body, the only son of a widow.  And you felt that deep compassion for a woman who has lost the last person dear to her.  How can you bear knowing how much pain there is in the world?  But you took it on one person at a time.  Your heart went out to her.  

         Woman, what could you believe when this stranger named Jesus says, “Don’t cry.”  I’m guessing your first reaction was to ignore him.  What does he know?!  Doesn’t he understand how deep your sorrow is?  Well, you soon found out.  

         Lord Jesus, I don’t know if I want to pray for more compassion.  I get enough involved in others’ lives as it is.  When I am weary of being compassionate I want to pull back.  I want to be in my own comfortable shell a while.  But you call me to come out and feel others’ pain, their despair.  I can only do this if your Spirit restores me again and again.  Please help me to be compassionate.

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