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Luke 20:9-19     The Wicked Tenants.

          OK, you temple leaders, you knew Jesus was talking about you!  You realized he was summarizing many generations of priests neglecting the message while prophets complained against your temple and its corruption.  You remember what Hosea said, don’t you?  “For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.” (Hos. 6:6 NIV)  And you heard the people respond to Jesus’ story with “How terrible!”  No wonder you hate him.  But you don’t have to!

           Jesus, there must have been pain in your heart as you laid out this parable.  It portrays so bluntly how awfully you are going to be  treated.  How ugly and brutal.  This is one of those stories that tell me you are the eternal Word made flesh who knew exactly what you were doing on earth

        Lord, help me realize that there will always be opposition when I am being true to you, when I am speaking up with your truth, or obeying to oppose forces of evil and injustice.  It will not be an easy ride.  Thank you for this unforgettable story that nourishes my faith.

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