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Luke 7:18-25      Jesus, Are You Really the One?

          John, it seems to me you have a very good reason to wonder if Jesus really is the Messiah.  You preached, baptized, you did your best to prepare people for the judgment, prepare them for the coming of the righteous king.  They responded.  You baptized so many!  But, now, what’s going on?  You got arrested.  Nothing seems to be going right.  Your life is hanging by a thread.  And Jesus just lets you suffer.  He goes on his way, preaching, healing, but never threatening those evil rulers like Herod, at least not directly.  So what kind of a Messiah is that?  Is he really the one?

      Lord Jesus, I know you established a different kind of Kingdom, one that does threaten the powers of evil.    When people live a different life, turning away from sin and Satan, it upsets their system his system.  But is it ever going to end?  Are we ever going to see evil extinguished?  So many lives are ground to dust by the power of wicked leaders, using violence and war to dominate.  When are you going to bring it to a stop?  

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