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Luke 7:40-50     Why Is She So Passionate & I Am Not?

            Jesus, now you embarrass me, too, with your words,  “Do you see this woman?”  She is making such a fuss over you.  Now you put me on the spot with your little story by reminding me that I have often not made any fuss over you at all.  I take your presence for granted.  I don’t think I have much to confess, much to be forgiven for.  I admit I’m not too excited about worship, I’m not moved very deeply.  I am too much like the pharisee.

                Today, Lord, I confess that my faith and my action has often been ho-hum.  I’ve been on the gospel train so long, I have forgotten what an exciting ride it can be.  I hope I can give you a big smile, a hug (in my heart), and sing with real joy the next time I feel your presence.  Maybe at my morning devotion time.  Forgive me for taking you for granted as an ordinary guest in my life.

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