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Luke 9:23-27         Saving My Life or Losing It

       Jesus, these words are too heavy.  I can study what the “cross” was back in those days.  But it’s hard for me to know which discomfort is my cross today.  Is it when I say your name and others give me a quizzical look?  Is it when I stumble through a situation, depending on myself, and forget to ask you for help?  Is it when I am bold and speak about you and how we need to love our enemies, knowing some listeners will think I am a crazy idealist. 

       Lord Jesus, you know all the times I have avoided taking up my cross.  I have picked it up a few times, going where there was pain, to comfort someone that I didn’t have to, someone I didn’t even know.  But I have chosen the easier path many times.  Help me to discern which pain is the true cross you want me to pick up today, if there is one.  Is there one every day?

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