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Luke 9:28-36        This is Too Far Out!

        Alright, John, this time I want to ask you, what were you thinking when this immense light show burst forth?  Jesus was praying, as he had done so many times before.  Were you praying, too?  Then he bursts into flame, or lightning, or something beyond that ! ?  Was it sudden?  Did your heart stop?  

And then, John, when Moses and Elijah appeared, how did you know who they were?  You had never met them.  Did God just put it into your mind, like a revelation?  If you knew who they were you must have shivered with fear and wonder.  I surely would have nearly died on the spot.   You were very sleepy, it says in Luke’s Gospel.  This must have jolted you awake!

         Lord Jesus, I so wish I could see beyond this weary world, just once, perhaps.  My imagination does move beyond these boundaries sometimes.  But even reading this encounter is a mind-bending experience.  Here you are, talking about your “departure” ?  This is something you are going to “accomplish.”   So help me, Lord Jesus, to live my remaining days, however many or few there may be, with the boldness of knowing that you were on a firm pathway to fighting through suffering and death, and rising in glory.  Help me to run through my days with such a clear and bold purpose, however you show me to live for you and for the good of others.

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