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Luke 20:27-40    Dead or Alive

         O Jesus !  You are so good at running circles around these smart guys, the elite scholars and lawyers.  While they are bent on exposing your ignorance with a tricky question, you have answers they never thought of.  In the age to come, you say, we won’t be concerned about marriage, like we are here.  That’s probably a good thing.  Paul thought it was distracting, too.

        Hey, you Sadducees, how do you like Jesus’ reference to Exodus?  Does it embarrass you to have to realize Moses is on Jesus’ side, when he reports that God said He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?  That Jesus points out that God is the God of the living, and they are all alive to him!

        Thank you, Jesus, for laying down such a bedrock foundation for life after death.  You have made it clear to me that it’s not my “eternal soul” I can count on, but rather, God’s power and sustaining love, so when I am alive to God, I’m OK, no matter what!

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