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Luke 7:36-50        A Loose Woman

            Alright, Mr. Pharisee, I can see why you are wondering about this wandering preacher, Jesus.  He doesn’t seem to have good judgment about the people he hangs out with, and he is embarrassing you right here in your own home.  How did that woman get in here, anyway?  I can see why you would be concerned!  

               Jesus !  Think of your host!  This is his house.  It’s hard to imagine a more provocative thing than for you to let this happen in the home of a respectable man like him.  Jesus, a woman is kissing your feet!  She may be worshiping you, but it looks like she is trying to seduce you.  You’ve got to understand, this does not look good to ordinary, cautious believers.  Even in our day, a time of more and more loose morals, it would be upsetting to see this happen in my home.  But I suppose you are going to tell me it is her tears you notice, her regrets, her pain, her penance.  Well, maybe it could have been done in a more private setting.
               O Lord, help me to never look down on anyone.  Anyone is likely to have regrets and fears or pain when thinking of some things that have happened in their lives.  Mine are more hidden from public view.  But give me compassion for those whose lives are the most messed up.  


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