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Luke 9:7-9    Herod has a Headache

                 Alright, Herod, you little punk ruler, I can see why you are worried.  You silenced John.  I’ll bet you still regret that, getting so drunk you made a stupid promise to Herodias’ daughter.  So then you had to have John killed.  And now some spiritual power is loose in the land again.  Who do you think Jesus is?  There are rumors of strange powers.  No wonder you are quivering with fear and thinking another execution may be needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        [See Matthew 14:6-12]

                God, let me never be intimidated by the powers of this world.  Some times I am impressed with people who are in power, and I should know they are people who have nightmares, too.  Give me the wisdom to not expect too much from human leaders and at the same time, to cheer them on if they serve with humility.  Help me to trust in the real power of your love and invisible influence that outlasts all the bombast and noise of our politics.  

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