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Luke 9:10-17    Too Many People

           James, Peter, John, I have a feeling you really wanted to get away from people for a while.  That seems to be what Jesus had in mind, heading off toward Bethsaida.  You guys have been out there telling people the good news and healing the sick.  It must have been a thrill to have such an important assignment from Jesus.  But now the people won’t let you have some time off.  

          I see you wanted to tell the people to go home.  Enough of this being run over with people.  And then Jesus says, “You give them something to eat.”  What? You guys knew that if you started giving some people your bread and fish, others would probably expect something, too.   People are unpredictable, and some of the crowd might turn on you in anger.  Disappointing them would be risky.

          Jesus, you must have enjoyed this process.  Without letting them in on what you are going to do, you just told them to get organized.  “Tell the people to sit down in groups of about 50 each.”  You do have a sense of humor.  And then you start breaking the loaves and fish in pieces.  I can imagine the tension the disciples felt.  How is this going to work out?  

         My Lord Jesus, help me to realize that there is always going to be enough when I trust you in my life walk.  So many times you have multiplied the value of what we have.  Surprising bargains come our way, or unexpected opportunities open up.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit so that when I see a challenge I will look for how you are going to do something more than we would expect.  

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