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Luke 9:18-22        Jesus Wants to Know

       Peter, this seems to be a critical moment in your life, and if I were there, I would wonder what you would say.  It’s easy to tell Jesus what others are saying about him.  But when Jesus asks, “Who do you say I am?” you are on the spot.  Have you been telling your other friends or relatives something just like what the crowds are saying?  But you go all the way out on the limb: “The Christ of God” - the Messiah.  I do admire you for your guts and your honesty.

       Jesus, what did you expect him to say?  Had they really seen the truth?  It must have pleased you when his confession of faith is blurted out so boldly.  And then you put a cap on his bravery with “Don’t tell anyone [yet].”  And then you lay out the whole confusing explanation- you are going to die.  Did you think they would really understand?  I suppose you had to start somewhere.

       Lord Jesus, forgive me for being quiet and often afraid to say your name in the presence of others, as if your old order to the disciples, “Don’t tell anyone” still applied to me.  Help me to handle the rich, bold and brave story of how you knew you were going right into the abusing hands of your enemies, and did it for me, and for others who would follow you.

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