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Luke 4:31-41        And Demons Came out of Many

      I get along just fine with your healing Peter’s mother-in-law.  And your miracle in the synagogue led hordes of people to follow you for healing.  You healed them all and cast out demons, too, forcing them not to speak because they knew who you really are.

      Now, Lord, I wonder at this demon business.  I have only confronted an unclean spirit, the one that inhabited the house in _________ that we cleansed way back then.  And it didn’t show up, it just slipped away, even though my hair was a little on end.  Are there many other spirits around that I am missing?  What about the schizoid lady at the service a while back?  Should I have recognized a demon there?  Would you give me power to heal when I am full of doubts?

      Help me wake up, Lord, if I am missing seeing something today.

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