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Luke 22:1-6    The Cowards Act at Night  

           Judas, what were you thinking, connecting up with those temple cowards?  They could not dare to interrupt Jesus in the plain light of day when their evil would be obvious.  You helped them sneak in the night.  Judas, what were you thinking?  

          Satan, how well you undo great men of every era with your sly whispering.  You help them rationalize their selfish ideas to overcome the good in them.  And their fall is great.

         Jesus, how you could put up with such arrogant, empty souls pretending to lead the flock of Israel.  You saw their end, even though they did not.  Forgive me for every time I have taken the cowardly, the short-sighted road.  Give me grace to be bold and faithful in our time, to resist selfish temptations that are everywhere around.  

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