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Luke 21:29-33    What a Claim!

          “Heaven and earth will disappear but my words will never disappear.”  What a claim to make, how bold, Jesus~!  I can believe you because I’ve known so many others who believed you. But what did you expect from those who heard this the first time would think?  Just a little earlier you said the temple would be destroyed, with not a stone left standing.  No wonder your enemies were confused, not sure if you were crazy or deluded.  It looks like you knew the end was near, so you dared to simply lay out the whole truth.  You gave them all the evidence they would need.

         Lord, forgive me for my cowardice and faithless temerity.  For every time I avoid confronting someone with the truth about you while instead hoping for a better time when it would “fit in” more comfortably, not wanting myself to be rejected.    Maybe my time is short, too.  Help me to be as bold as you are.   

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