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Luke 28:38-40     His Scars and Ours

     In this delightful resurrection appearance, his disciples are amazed and doubting, wondering if they are hallucinating.  Jesus says,“Why are your hearts filled with doubt? Look at my hands and look at my feet.”


     A moment later, Luke continues, “As he spoke, he showed them his hands and his feet.” Jesus’ hands and feet show the scars, the ugly now beautiful, reminders of what had happened. The price he had paid. His identity was confirmed by those scars. He identifies himself through the bold signs that would become the symbols of his presence for centuries to come. Jesus’ wounds are the signs of what he has done, what he has endured, what he has conquered, who he is.

     For me, as for each of us, my wounds, now healed, do show who I am. Those unpleasant, even devastating times in my life, my divorce, my failures, my stumbling moments, my stupid mistakes, now seen in the perspective of what God has done in my life, are signs of how I’ve endured, how I have been redeemed, what I have done, how I’ve become a conqueror through Christ Jesus, who I have become. My wounds are signs of God’s grace and power at work in my life, a source of peace and confidence for anything ahead that I will ever have to face. Why should I doubt?

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