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Luke 8:1-3    Women and Jesus’ Finances

         Jesus, you don’t seem to mind having women disciples, whether Luke calls them that or not.  Evidently some like Mary Magdalene had received so much from you they couldn’t be excluded or told to “stay home.”  What a radical movement this must have been, and I’m sure tongues were wagging, especially with these women hanging around with you and the twelve.

        Now, Chuza, it seems to me you might be upset with what your wife is doing.  Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have Joanna out there traveling around and helping to finance Jesus’ tour of villages when your boss, Herod, hated his cousin, John the baptizer so much?  Or are you secretly wondering if Jesus might be more important than Herod?  Or is it you just couldn’t control your wife, and that’s what you told Herod if he complained to you about her activity?

         Lord Jesus, I am so glad you were not concerned about what people might say about you and your people.  You accepted and loved each person who wished to follow you, all the way from those whose lives had been so messed up, like Mary M., and those who had uncomfortable connections like Joanna.  Give me courage to live like you, to happily share the journey with anyone who wants to follow you, regardless of whether “people will talk.” 

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