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Luke 8:26-39        A Really Scary Man

          Jesus, it looks like you were trying to get away for a little break.  All those people following you everywhere you go.  You went across the lake where nobody would have heard of you.  But, wow! You really ran into something wild.  This guy thrashing around, a total wreck.  I can imagine his parents...

         Crazy man’s parents, I feel so sorry for you.  When your friends are talking about their kids, what could you say?  “Oh, our son is living off the grid.  He just hangs out at the cemetery and bangs his head on the stones.  It’s hard to keep clothes on him.  We’ve pretty much given up.”

         Jesus, it looks like you knew exactly what was going on.  And you were willing to take on the whole crowd of demon spirits.  But did you have to send them into the pigs?  Didn’t you know this would give you bad publicity in this place?  

         And after it’s all over, crazy man, how does it feel to be free and whole again?  Jesus has so much confidence in you he doesn’t even want you to go along for further training.  You have your assignment, “Go home and tell everyone how much God has done for you.”

        My Dear Lord, forgive me for those times when I was unwilling to engage someone who is acting strange, for letting my own discomfort draw me away to somewhere safe.  Some people are so messed up.  Help me to see behind the strained face, the peculiar voice, the strange stories.  Help me to see a child of God who may have a powerful witness, an important role in your plans when they once are set free from their demons.

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