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Luke 7:14:-17        Don’t Touch Him, He’s Dead!

         Jesus, you have a lot of guts.  You know touching a dead body would make you unclean, at least in the view of most Jews.  No wonder those carrying the bier stood still.  They were probably astonished at your attitude.  You didn’t need to touch this body.  Couldn’t you have just said a word from a distance?  You disregard the risks and you go where the evil of death presides, where the smell pollutes, where fear and sorrow grip the heart.  

        I guess you wanted to touch him, to start the warmth flowing, the heart beat starting again, and then you “gave him back to his mother.”  This must be one of those moments you really enjoyed being on this weary planet.

         Lord Jesus, I am amazed at you.   You know I don’t want to talk with you about some weaknesses.  But I am thankful that right now in my heart, you are never afraid to go into those places that are dead.  You reach right in to my bad habits, embarrassing appetites, addictions, ugly and corrupting things done in the dark, secreted away from view.  I thank you that you are bold but your are gentle, too, when you touch my fragile human heart.  Help me to be bold and go where the smell of death threatens like a cloud destroying all light for someone who is desperate.  Teach me to be gentle, too, when I learn someone’s secret stains.   

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