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Wish you had
a Coach?

I have coached professionals and
other individuals for 20 years.
If y
ou are puzzled or perplexed about

- How to handle a particular challenge

  • - How to sort your options

  • - How to manage your creative energies

  • - Gain clearer focus on this moment in your life

    Contact me for a free introductory session.
    Email contact to arrange a call or zoom session.

Order now from Amazon and post  a comment there after you read it!   Your comments will help bring others to decide to get my book, too.  Frankly, I need your help to get my book the attention it deserves.

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I offer my thoughts hoping we encounter Jesus in a fresh way.  These are conversations with anyone in the Gospel, sometimes Jesus, Luke, God, or other characters in the passage, plus a short prayer.  

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Guest Blog - 

When Things Go Wrong     

          by Mary Ann Hagemeyer

     Recently a few things have not been working out as we had anticipated.  We cancelled our  Thanksgiving plans with the kids  from Grand Rapids because of COVID. Plans for Christmas are on hold for the same reason.  A dear friend died a couple days ago . . .



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