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Hagemeyer Family Stories

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Introduction to 
The Hagemeyer Generations

     The stories you find here are a fictionalized version of episodes in the lives of Siebe and Bauwina Hagemeyer and their children, approximately 1903 through 1950.  These are fiction but the stories are based on verifiable facts.  The people named, the places and the dates are for the most part well established.  Descriptions of the farm place are based on my father's experience and my own living on the original Hagemeyer farm where Siebe and Bauwina made their home in 1903.   

     Chapters will be added from time to time as opportunity for gathering the facts and time for writing allow.  Readers can open these PDF files and read online or download for your personal use. Please respect these documents as copyrighted and do not reproduce or share without my permission.                                                                                                       Stanley Hagemeyer
                                                                                                                                            December 2018 - 2020


Hagemeyer Generations

Chapter One     

Siebe and Bauwina Make the Move          

Chapter Two       

Siebe and Bauwina Come Home

Chapter Three

Siebe and Bauwina Wait for Spring

Chapter Four

Unexpected Visitors

Chapter Five

Transitions, always Transitions

Chapter Six

Not Good News   

Chapter Seven

Great Expectations

Chapter Eight

Going to Be a Tough Fall

Chapter Nine

A Step of Luxury

Chapter Ten

Baptized in Grace

Chapter Eleven

Something Special for Christmas

Chapter Twelve

Winter's Heavy Hand

Chapter Thirteen

Important Mail



Hagemeyer Family History Photo Album

 (this is a work in progress- a test album)

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