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Divorce Recovery
Divorce Recovery
Divorce Recovery
Divorce Recovery

Hagemeyer Divorce Recovery Chart            

Copyrighted description of divorce recovery on one page.  Permission granted for educational purposes, provided that authorship credit is included in any reproduction.

Divorce Recovery Displayed

This three-page document summarizes the research behind the Hagemeyer Divorce Recovery Chart, including references to professional articles mentioned in the introduction.

"Making Sense of Divorce Grief"

While models put forward by researchers generally divide into two general categories, one focusing on emotional / affective stages and the other on behavior/event dimensions, my model combines these to show how the two constantly interact.  The result is complex for any individual, but the basic structure for these interactions is readily recognizable.  14 pp.

in Pastoral Psychology, reprinted in The Best of Theology, vol. one.

"Your Ministry: Receding or Re-seeding ?"

Perhaps my most important short piece of high value to full-time clergy or ministerial students.  The article traces key steps in my development as a spiritual leader and researcher to help others find ways to renew and refresh themselves in the midst of an active career.     

"Fruitful Responses to the Divorce Epidemic"

Highlights a number of encouraging developments.  These include lay-led weekend events designed to strengthen marriages or to prepare engaged couples for  marriage.   The article also describes  valuable tools for pastors preparing engaged couples or counseling married couples.

​​Ministry to the Divorced

Guidance, Structure, and Organization that promote healing in the Church.  Overview of the issues that challenge ministry with divorced or separated individuals and complete step-by-step instructions for developing a dynamic ministry for and with this population, both within the church itself and reaching out to the community at large.  Co-authored by Stanley Hagemeyer and Sue Poorman Richards.  Zondervan Publishing,  1986.

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