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A Brave Little Mother

Just inside the old cowbarn of the Rowley Homestead (museum) where I have been working as a visitor guide a miniature drama is unfolding. About two weeks ago I noticed a small fuzzy nest on top of a support post about five feet from the entrance door. This half-post is only about four feet tall. The nest had one tiny egg in it about the size of a Spanish peanut. A couple days later I noticed there were two. The other two visitor guides confirmed they had noticed the fluttering of a bird leaving the barn lately every time they came in to show the barn to guests. We decided that this little mother deserved some peace to complete her task. So we locked the door and no longer let in visitors.

Yesterday I had two special guests with me, a couple of students from Turkey and Columbia that I have befriended. I told them of the bird and her nest. We very slowly opened the door and stared into the half-darkened barn. There she sat, staring back at us. I could almost have reached out to touch the nest. This time she was not inclined to flutter away. We were quiet and made no sudden or threatening moves. But she must have been afraid, and hoping that we did not notice her olive & brown body against the old wood. She stood her ground, devoted to her vital task. The eggs must be kept warm. We retreated and re-locked the door.

I admire her wholehearted devotion. May each of us find in this day some really worthy cause to pour our life into as she is doing. It may be a very quiet thing. It may be taking care of someone we love. Perhaps God will bring to mind someone who needs a friend, maybe just a phone call. And in the competition of today’s to-do list that one thing rises to a higher level.

Lord, help me to ignore the distractions, the real or imaginary dangers, the discomforts or inconvenience that may arise. And may I focus on that one vital way to be a compassionate, determined disciple of yours, today. With passion like that brave little mother.

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