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Life is Going to Be Different

Right now we are accepting some unfamiliar ways of living. I am wondering how many of these weird new ways are going to become permanent, or leave behind permanent changes in how we do things. I’ll make a few guesses at what might happen. For one, we will wash our hands more often. And shaking hands as a normal way of greeting someone might disappear. Elbow bumps might become the norm, instead. What about hugging? ! At church we are used to giving a warm hug freely to anyone. I pray that the time will come when we can do that again. Maybe we will drive less. Right now we don’t go anywhere, unless it’s absolutely necessary. We do our chores, inside and out, we read, we watch TV or Netflix. I’m writing more stories and family history. Mary Ann finished sewing some beautiful pillow covers recently. We will have more virtual visits, instead of in person. A couple days ago our family, kids and grandkids, gathered for an online Zoom meeting to celebrate my birthday. It was a wonderful thing since none of them can come here to visit. Maybe we will talk to friends on the phone more in the future, or use Skype. One of our adult children said he’s grown closer to his own kids now, since they are at home more. Perhaps we will learn to get along without certain things, like fresh milk, or fresh bread. Maybe we will make our own bread again. It would probably be better bread. Yesterday I had a virtual appointment online with a physician’s assistant who works with my cardiologist. I’m satisfied with the results at this point. Our church board met on Zoom, too. In coming months and years church boards or businesses will have more meetings online, as well. That can save us all time and money otherwise spent traveling. We can talk with more people, do more, and visit more places online in one day than before. It won’t feel the same, but it will happen. Some people will stop going to church, or go less frequently. Millions in our country have already left that habit behind. But I’m talking about those of us who are highly committed Christians, regular church goers. I expect many of us will find it easier to stay home and follow services online instead. We will make our offerings online through the giving portal. For some, that will become the normal way to make an offering or a donation. I’m not really ready for that world. I don’t mind being alone for a while and using my time differently right now. I can read or write emails, plan lessons, or get some work done outdoors, I can walk, and breathe fresh air. But I think most of us need to be around people in the flesh. That’s why volunteers who make trips to homes and apartments to drop off groceries or prescriptions are doing a great service to keep our society colored with compassion. The big challenge for all of us will be to find ways to help our society be more human, rather than less, more gracious, more compassionate. There will be new ways to do that, and we will discover them, especially if we are following Jesus. That’s the good news. And we know that God causes everything to work together for the

good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose

for them. Romans 8:28 NLT © 2020 Stanley Hagemeyer

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