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Big Uncomfortable Changes Coming

If you are one of my faithful readers, you know I haven't posted anything here for a long time. I have made my other writing projects higher priority. Today I want to share with you a link to one of the best descriptions I've seen of the water crisis facing the southwest corner of the USA. Perhaps you already begin to yawn, thinking, "Well, I don't live there. They who do will have to figure it out."

The problem is that half or more of the vegetables you see in your supermarket are grown there, plus fruit and nuts we assume will always be easily available. Please take the time to click the link. You will learn more about how this crisis affects all of us.

The report is produced by ProPublica , a non-profit news organization which is not political. I thought I was well informed, but the picture is bigger and deeper. Most political leaders are afraid to look at it or take steps to address it. Just click this link.

In a couple days I will try to post a happy story here, so keep coming back.

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